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Lev Naumov

His Life

12 feb 1925 born in Rostov-Yaroslavsk
father: Nikolai Petrovich
mother: Anastasia Ivanovna
~ 1930 first musical influence by grandfather Piotr Naumov, self educated harmonica and folk music player; with him first public performances
1934 first piano lessons with Anna Arseneva; first attempts to compose
~ 1938

begins studies at Gnesin Institute; harmony and theory with Valentina Taranushchenko,
piano with Theodor Gutman

first composition lessons with Vissarion Shebalin

consultations in Moscow with Alexander Goldenweiser and Samuil Feinberg

enters Gnesin Institute, dpt for theory and composition
1941 enters Tchaikovsky Conservatory into the class of Shebalin; can however not begin studies because of outbreak of war
1941 - 44 interruption of studies in Moscow; goes to school in his hometown Rostov

start of studies at Tchaikovsky Conservatory:
composition with Vissarion Shebalin, Anatoli Alexandrov, Leo Mazel

piano first with Mikhail Sokolov;
later enters class of Heinrich Neuhaus

piano exam at Tchaikovsky Conservatory

composition exam at Tchaikovsky Conservatory;
begins to compose seriously, producing a.o. a cantata, a symphony, a string quartet, lieders, piano pieces...

marriage with Irina Ivanovna, fellow student in Neuhaus' class

death of his father

begins to teach at Gnesin Institute on invitation of its director Sinovy Finkelstein
~ 1954 invited to work as Neuhaus' assistant, together with his son Stanislav Neuhaus and Evgeni Malinin
1955 gets his own piano class at Tchaikovsky Conservatory with own students
1960 his song "Alenusha" is imposed work at the vocal section of Tchaikovsky Competition
10 oct 1964 death of H.Neuhaus; his assistants S.Neuhaus, Malinin and Naumov continue to teach his class
1966 title "Merited Artist of RSFSR"
1967 status of "docent" at Tchaikovsky Conservatory
1976 status of "professor" at Tchaikovsky Conservatory
1978 title of "Merited Arts Worker of RSFSR"
24 jan 1980 death of Stanislav Neuhaus; Naumov takes over most of his students
~ 1985

steadily growing number of invitations to give masterclasses worldwide

invitations to piano juries, among them:
Van Cliburn in Texas, Tchaikovsky in Moscow, UNISA in Pretoria,...
26 feb 2004 Naumov's wife Irina dies in Moscow
21 aug 2005 Naumov dies in Moscow
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