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Moments of a life





12 February 2005, Moscow

Lev Naumov with his last assistants:

Daniil Kopylov, Anna Malikova,

Irina Chukovskaya





12 February 2005

Lev Naumov at his

80th birthday



12 February 2005, Moscow
Concert for Lev Naumov at

his 80th birthday.


On stage of Dom Muzyki, from left:

grandson Alexei Kudryashov,

Andrei Hoteev, Lev Naumov,

Anna Malikova, Alexei Lubimov





2001 Jerusalem, Israel

with wife Irina and

Anna Malikova




2001 Tel Aviv, Israel

Lev Naumov was a juror at

Rubinstein Competition and met

with Anna Malikova and

Konstantin Scherbakov, while

both were touring





1999, Moscow, at home
wife Irina, Lev Naumov,

Anna Malikova and her

husband Peter Grote





1998, Moscow, at home

with his daughter Natalia Kudryashova

and grandson Alexei




1995, Surgut, Siberia
front, left to right:
Andrei Diev, Irina Naumova, Lev Naumov
back, from left:
Daniil Kopylov, Piotr Dmitriev,
Anna Malikova, friends...




1993, Fort Worth, USA
with Van Cliburn and wife Irina


Naumov was invited to the jury of
the Cliburn Competition





Int'l masterclasses in Lübeck, Germany
with his wife Irina and
Anna Malikova





Int'l masterclasses in Lübeck, Germany
with Anna Malikova





Int'l masterclasses in

Lübeck, Germany



1983, Riga; from left to right:
Konstantin Scherbakov, Olga Efremova,
Anna Malikova, Lev Naumov,
Mzia Gogashvili, Tatiana Klimova,
Vladimir Soultanov

at the occasion of a classconcert, to
which pedagogues of Tchaikovsky
Conservatory were regularly sent
to other cities in the USSR.




at Naumov's home in Moscow:
Anna Malikova, Irina Vinogradova,
Lev Naumov, Natalia Dijour






Lev with his parents
Anastasia Ivanovna Naumova and
Nikolai Petrovich Naumov





13 years old Lev with his father

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